Our Services

BCS & Associates Consulting Firm offers a variety of services centered on pursuing social justice and equity, and providing access to resources and opportunities for marginalized communities.

BCS has consulted with diverse agencies including K-12 school districts, law enforcement agencies, institutions of higher education, NASA Space Grant programs, NCAA sports teams, community centers, entrepreneurs, small community businesses, faith-based organizations, municipal government, and non-profit organizations.

Short and Long-Term Consultation

If your organization or agency is seeking direction improving in areas related to diversity, cultural competency, and equity, we offer short and long-term consulting relationships. Consultation services may include:

  • Program development
  • Evaluation and assessment tool development
  • Data management and research tools
  • Reviewing handbooks/codes of conduct
  • Developing strategic plans and mission statements
  • Community event planning
  • Reviewing recruitment and retention activities
Diversity. Inclusion. Equity. Training Programs

We offer a wide range of training programs to address issues broadly related to pursuing social justice and equity. These trainings take the form of hourly seminars and half-day and full-day workshops. We have experience conducting trainings on diverse content areas and will work with you to develop a focus that is specific to your organization or agency’s needs. General topics for training programs include: 

  • Diversity and cultural competency
  • Structural inequality and equity
  • Minority recruitment and retention
  • Youth and young adult mentoring
  • Research methods – data collection and analysis
  • Undergraduate and graduate education preparedness
  • Financial literacy
Keynote and Conference Presentations

We have diverse keynote and conference presentation topics for any audience and presentation length. We will work with you to develop a presentation focus that fits your vision for your event. 

Online Certification Programs

Attain your certification from our trained professionals in the areas of diversity, inclusion and equity.

Client testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say.

Dr. Starks brings tremendous experience and a research-based approach that provides educators with real data and resources to improve instruction. His “Being the Messenger” course includes a presentation and curriculum that helped teachers learn a new content, complete a self-reflection, and develop practical and effective strategies that they can immediately implement in the classroom. Dr. Starks’ approach and instructional style allows the participants to talk about very difficult subject-matter and problems in a way that is inclusive and productive. Our organization coordinates a large number of teacher professional development workshops and in my 12 years here, his workshops were among the mostly highly appreciated and evaluated by the participants. 

Chris / Space Grant Consortium Deputy Director

I was looking for a means to provide our officers effective and credible diversity training to help meet the challenges for law enforcement today. The profession is challenged to help officers understand biases and delivering justice with compassion. I was afforded an opportunity to hear Dr. Starks speak and knew I had found the right person for the task. Dr. Starks spent several weeks providing each police department workgroup a seminar on implicit bias, the importance of diversity, and equity versus equality. The seminars were well-received, each session was interactive, and not your “regular diversity class.” I cannot recommend Dr. Starks enough; he is a great speaker, has a real world perspective, and delivers thought-provoking information.

Jerry / Deputy Chief of Municipal Police Agency

Dr. Starks is a highly valuable resource to our district as we work to improve outcomes for African American students with regard to academics and discipline.  Dr. Starks is straightforward and passionate in his approach in working with us.  He has been helping us to use data to identify core causes of some of our needs and establish ways to implement change.  While he has focused on the needs we identify with education, he also wants to ensure that our work links to our community and that our change is social in addition to educational.  Dr. Starks is a critical friend and advocate for students and an important partner in our work to help each student be successful.  

Jay / K-12 School District Administrator