We think about Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and the Disruption of Implicit Bias every single day.
Our work is built on the foundation of Dr. Starks’ Four Constructs of Social Justice and the belief that each one of us can Be The Messenger for social equity in our personal and professional lives.

the 4 constructs of social justice

Learn to cultivate deep diversity, equity & cultural competency


The lens through which one uses to see him/her/them-self as a unique individual; the lens through which society sees/views individuals and/or groups which may be grounded in labels, stereotypes, and biases.


The beliefs, values, norms, customs, language, and heritage of a particular group that are essential to their identity that they use to navigate life/the world without apologizing; often passed down from generation to generation.


A set of beliefs that value differences in perspectives, identities, backgrounds, religion, sexual orientation/preference, lifestyles, cultures, languages, etc.; includes yet is more than race, gender and class. Differences are our strengths it makes everyone better.


Treating yourself and everyone in high regard by appreciating and valuing difference when it comes to identity, culture and diversity.