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Are You Registered to Vote?

The Midterm Elections are November 6th 2018

Voting Numbers & Stats

According to the US census, only 64.2% of the US total population (18 and over) is registered to vote.  This means that 35.8% of the US population is not registered to vote.  Of that 64.2% only 56% voted in the most recent presidential election in November of 2016.  With congressional elections just around the corner, it is important to vote and let our voices be heard.

To learn about voter registration and learn how to get registered in your state visit https://www.usa.gov/register-to-vote.  Online registry is available in 37 states and DC.  There is also a voter registration form that can be filled out online or by hand.  Voter guides are available in multiple languages and information on absentee ballots is available as well.

Lyft will be offering free and reduced fairs for rides to the polls on November 6th! If you do not have a source of transportation and need help getting to the polls, download the Lyft app and see if rides are free or discounted in your area.